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Oh What a Beautiful Fall!

Well Fall is officially here! It is such a beautiful trip along the Salmon River on your way to the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. And you can add a fishing trip on the Salmon with Kookaburra Rafting, fishing for Steelhead the fishing gets better every day.]

Fall is in the air.

Its time to start thinking about fall colors along the Salmon River on your way to stay at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. Nights are cool and the weather is great, beautiful sunny days and cool nights, what more can you ask for.

We've been seeing Gray Jays, Blue Jays, Cedar Waxwings and many other birds eating the berries in the yard, its always salad bar at the Greyhouse.

We also have a Mule Deer with 3 fawns hanging around the apple trees, they are so cute. And you need to check out Goldbug Hot Springs.


Pleasant weather at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

Our temperatures here at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast are ideal for your comfort and enjoyment. True, it's been a bit stuffy, with temperatures in the low 90's, but compared to other areas, this is wonderful. For the next few days, we expect highs in the low 80's during the day, cooling down to the 50's at night. Excellent temps for your stay at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. While you're here, ask us about a Salmon river float trip

Sacajawea Center great place to learn about local history.


Boy Scout Rock jumping in to cool off.

Salmon's little jewel

The Greyhouse Inn, which offers rooms in a 19th century farm house, also features very nice cabin rooms some distance from the main house. In fact, we are the place to stay in the Salmon, Idaho area. We are not in Salmon, our Inn is located about 11 miles south of Salmon on U.S.. highway 93. We are also not right on the Salmon river. We are located where the river bends to the East, swinging away from the Greyhouse by several hundred yards. But we still have the best location in the world, you've got to come and see for yourself.

Book a night and raft the river

This is the best time of the summer to book your room at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast and reserve a float trip on the Salmon River with Kookaburra Rafting. Our weather is cool right now and with intermittent rain shower activity the mountains remain green and beautiful. Do not let this wait, act now, call us at 1-800-348-8097.

Bitterroot Valley friends and neighbors

Hello Bitterroot Valley friends and neighbors. Please remember the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast is here for you! One of our greatest assets is our proximity to the Goldbug hot spring. As many of you already know, Goldbug is favored by all mostly for it's remote location and natural setting. If you are thinking of a good soak, bring your friends and family, and we'll start your day with a wholesome breakfast and send you on your way  to Goldbug hot spring.

New fence and the grass is getting green

Just wanted to update everyone on the goings on at the Greyhouse Inn. Dave and I put up a new jack fence between us and the cows. No more cows stampeding through the yard. And the fence looks awsome, can't wait for you all to see it. Cabin fever should be setting in and it is time for a little get away. Come and see us, we have 3 baby chickens running around with the big chickens and 21 more on the way as well as 4 baby ducks. We are excited about the new babys to add to our girls. I'll keep you all informed with new pictures of the babys when the arrive in May.

Spring Break at the Hot Spring

A proper Spring Break should include hiking to the local hot spring for a soak. Our suggestion is that you book two nights at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, drive about ten miles south on US highway 93, turn off the highway a short distance and hike to the Goldbug hot spring. If you haven't been there yet, it's an all natural environment with plenty of hot water. One of the best health benefits derives from the hike up to the hot spring. It's not a long hike but the terrain is steep giving you an excellent cardiac workout. Call us and make your reservation: 1-800-348-8097.

Think Spring!

Way up north in the land of ice and snow stands a cozy little cottage and beside the front door hangs a neat little sign Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, Dave and Sharon live there. They keep the grounds and rooms ready for all their guests who come from all over the world to experience all that Salmon Idaho has to offer.

We have 2 feet of snow on the ground at this time and we decided to go for a walk with Chase and the cats around the yard 47 degrees and the sun was shinning. Out of the north the wind picked up and the snow started flying! So much for Spring!

Well its time to start thinking about coming to Salmon for your Idaho Vacation, take a whitewater rafting trip and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us here. Also bring your camera loads of pictures to be taken. Call for your reservations.

Below are a couple of pictures taken yesterday, enjoy.

Little Boy Kitty helping.

It does look like a winter wonderland and we so needed the snow.

Dave plowing it is a lot of fun if the snow's not to deep.






Whitewater Rafting

Love the river?
Try Whitewater Rafting or Fishing on the Salmon River right from the Greyhouse Inn.
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