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Plan Your Summer Vacation

The Salmon Select Horse and Mule Sale was a Hugh success again this  year, and we thank all our customers who came for the sale and stayed at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. We also thank the steelhead fishers who came to the Greyhouse Inn B&B, and all of you that came here just for relaxation. Now it's time to begin planning your summer vacation!  Plan to float the Salmon River with Kookaburra Rafting, and spend a couple of relaxing evenings at the Greyhouse Inn. You can plan on having a full breakfast and comfortable, clean lodging along with a trip of a lifetime on the Salmon River.

Spring in Salmon River country

This is a good time of year to plan a getaway and come to enjoy Spring in the Salmon River country. Generally, we now get sunny days where temperatures climb to the 40's and provided there is no wind, it's rather pleasant. Nice enough to remind one that Spring is just around the corner. So, come to the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, let us prepare your breakfast and you can enjoy a couple of days off!

Cabin Fever

Hello everyone, it is that time of year when cabin fever sets in and you need to get away for some different scenery. Well come on down to the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. Take a walk in the mountains and smell the earth.

The Salmon River is beautiful, Eagles are fishing and so are a few fishermen, no ice on the river makes it easier for everyone to catch fish.

We haven't had a lot of snow in the valley this year so we have been enjoying our walks up Twelve Mile Road, Twelve Mile Creek, has broken through the ice and it is spring is in the air. Makes you want to start a little fire and roast a hot dog. Have a picnic. It is wonderful to be able to get out this time of year.


Hotspring Soak

This is a great time of the year for a soak in a beautiful natural hotspring. The Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast is within a few miles of one of nature's best hotsprings, Goldbug hotspring. You get the health benefit of a somewhat challenging hike  to the spring, plus all the goodness that wonderful hot water spring provides. Caution though, nudity is allowed and happens too frequently. But if that bothers you, we suggest you either look the other way or find a spot along the stream with more privacy.  

Peacefull Lodging for parents of Hockey Players

Want a great nights sleep after an exciting Hockey Game? heck out our rooms for a great nights sleep and a wonderful breakfast to start your day.

We still don't have any snow but we have sunshine most days and brisk temps. The ICE at the rink should be very good. Mom and Dad can bring their ice skates Salmon has  another rink for friends and family.

Roads are  clear with a few icy corners where the sun doesn't get a chance to melt. Drive safe and hope to hear from you soon.


Sunny at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

We have virtually no snow so far this winter. Days at the Greyhouse Inn are crisp with sunshine and cool temperatures. Better make your reservation today, bring your honey, and get here while our winter rates are in effect. Or, buy a gift certificate and give a friend or relative a special winter getaway treat. Happy New Year to all!

Dave and Sharon Osgood, proprietors 

Reduced winter and fall rates

Now is the time to make your reservation at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast and save some $ to boot. As of November 1st, we lowered our rates on all our rooms at the Greyhouse Inn. Our two log cabins are now priced at $65 a night, double occupancy. The Carriage House is $75, and the Lemhi Shoshone, and the Trapper are $100 each, all rooms are provided a full breakfast. Book now and Save!!

Steelhead Fishing and Lodging on the Salmon

Call us today and make your reservation for a couple of nights at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast plus a steelhead fishing trip with Kookaburra Rafting. Our experienced guide will help you catch some fish, and the Greyhouse Inn will provide  you with a comfortable night and a hearty breakfast. The fishing is getting better by the day, so don't delay, call us today. 

Life at the Greyhouse Inn

Here's a fun little movie that shows all the amazing treats of life at the Greyhouse Inn. There is so much to do here along the Salmon River. We have whitewater rafting and floating the river. You can explore Native pictographs or soak in the Goldbug hot springs. In the summer the town of Salmon features a Heritage Days with many old time activities. Down the river there is a gold mine to explore... or maybe you are brave enough to jump off Boyscout Rock!

Always an adventure at the Greyhouse Inn.




Whitewater Rafting

Love the river?
Try Whitewater Rafting or Fishing on the Salmon River right from the Greyhouse Inn.
Salmon River Rafting

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