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Spring in the Rocky Mountains

It's Spring time here in the Salmon River Country of Idaho. Bring your "sweety" and drive to the Greyhouse Inn for a spectacular weekend "getaway". Heck, bring the whole family for a relaxing night at the best bed and breakfast in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Can't come right away? Then make your reservation for a later date. We are here for you!

50 Year Wedding Anniversary

Yep, this is our 50th year together as a team. Through good times and bad, for better or worse, we've gone the distance. We've done it! As we look back, it all went by quickly, quicker than one can describe. I believe the last five years have gone even faster than before; It makes you think of jet lag. Sometimes, as you reflect, a sense of reality comes to light and you realize that  now, our children's children are having children. Our time is moving fast.  Hey, if you have a minute, stop by on April 24th, for a friendly visit and our well wishes.

41st Annual Salmon Select Horse and Mule Sale

Hey you horse and mule lovers!! It's on, the annual horse and mule sale: mule sale starts Friday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m., selling 60 quality mules. The horse sale starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 13, selling 140 head of choice horseflesh. Featuring 110 top quality geldings. Make your reservation at the Greyhouse Inn right away. Yes, we are out of town aways, but we have plenty of parking space for your trailers. 

Salmon Horse and Mule Sale

Hey this is it! The annual Salmon Idaho Horse and Mule sale coming to you on April 12 and April 13 at the Lemhi County fair grounds. It's one of our best known events of the year. Some of the most highly prized horses and mules in the country will be sold during this event. So, don't miss it! And, if you need lodging, book with us at the Greyhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast. 

Easter at the Greyhouse Inn

Easter weekend is a great time to visit the Greyhouse Inn for a get-away. Our temperatures have moderated considerably the last few days and are expected to continue to be pleasantly mild over Easter. Bring your steelhead fishing gear, and try your luck in the Salmon River. We can furnish you with a knowledgeable guide and a wonderful time.

Spring Break

Spring Break is here!! Come to the Salmon River Country for a real spring break. Either bring the kids, or take the opportunity for a break from the children. In either case, come to the best Bed and Breakfast Inn in the Salmon River Country of Idaho.

Goldbug and Lost Trail

Here's an excellent way to spend your weekend. Many of you from Hamilton, MN have already done this: check in at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast for a night; hike up to the Goldbug hotspring for a soak; drive into Salmon for dinner; next morning, come into the Inn for a hearty breakfast including farm fresh eggs; head out to Lost Trail for a day of skiing. Sound like a good time? Call us now and make your reservation.

Spring is here!

Well it is over 40 degrees here today, we acturally hung clothes out to dry and they did! The chickens wanted out to peck in the grass so Dave let them out they were so excited. They are ready for Spring also. Fishing is picking up on the beautiful Salmon River.

I'm sure some of you are getting cabin fever! Come check us out we would love to cook your breakfast for you. Enjoy the sun we are.

The Sun is Shining!

Its time to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful country we live in. The chickens are feeling the spring weather also, they are laying eggs like crazy. Hike to the hot springs after a nice hot breakfast with hotcakes and fresh eggs. Think Spring!




Whitewater Rafting

Love the river?
Try Whitewater Rafting or Fishing on the Salmon River right from the Greyhouse Inn.
Salmon River Rafting

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