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Salmon River Whitewater Rafting

Salmon River Rafting!

Experience the thrill of Whitewater! Our fun-loving crew can whisk you out of the comfort of your Vacation Cabins into the thrill vacation of a lifetime! We will guide you through the exhilarating whitewater encountered on our stretch of river which includes Pine Creek rapid ... the rapid that changed history by dissuading the Lewis and Clark Expedition from using the Salmon River to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Exciting and Safe! Safety is our primary concern. The Salmon River is world-class whitewater and our crew knows how to navigate the rapids. And we'll show you how to be safe. All guests will receive a Safety Clinic prior to launch.

World Class White Water on the SALMON RIVER

THE MAIN SALMON RIVER runs through central Idaho and  is famous for wild waves and a good time.  This river is protected by Congress as a Wild and Scenic River. That means that the Salmon has a natural flow that is not disrupted by dam adjustments. In fact it is the longest free flowing Wild River in the lower 48 states. Our section of the river brings you right up to the largest Wilderness Area, in the lower 48 States. 

IDAHO'S KNOWLEDGEABLE RIVER GUIDES from Kookaburra know the river, and know how to make sure you have a fun and safe vacation. The water is clear and refreshing at a perfect swimming temperature of around 72 degrees mid-summer. The climate is hot and dry in the summer with occasional late afternoon thunderstorms passing swiftly and moodily by. 




Whitewater Rafting

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Try Whitewater Rafting or Fishing on the Salmon River right from the Greyhouse Inn.
Salmon River Rafting

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